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Path:  Corporate Home >> Media Coverage >> Apr 12, 2018
Global Sources Electronics show opened in Hong Kong with AI Experience Zone debut; Shenzhen exhibitors take up 56 percent of show booths

Global Sources Electronics is the world’s largest electronics souring show. Its first phase, Consumer Electronics show, opens today at Hong Kong’s AsiaWorld-Expo. Held in two phases, Consumer Electronics and Mobile Electronics, the combined event features more than 6,600 booths of the latest electronics products. Shenzhen enterprises are still the main cast of the show, occupying 56 percent of total booths. The show will run until April 14.

The first phase focuses on exhibiting the latest home, outdoor and auto electronics, plus gaming, smart living, components, commercial electronics, computers and accessories. It also includes a special product launch area, and a product gallery along with experience and demo zones to highlight innovative products and technologies.

AI Experience Zone debuts

Debuting this spring is the AI Experience Zone with the latest artificial intelligence technologies and interactive exhibits. Many visitors are talking to all sorts of smart audio visual products, humidifiers or even desk lamps, saying “Alexa, please turn on the humidifier”, “Alexa, let’s play a game”.

Coming from Baoan in Shenzhen, Rainbow Technology is working with electronic components and technology development. The development of AI has brought them new business opportunities. “With Alexa added in, sales of our humidifiers advanced significatly. Voice-activated functions deliver a fun and convenience to consumers’ lives,” said the company representative.

“There is ample room for AI to develop in China.” Tommy Wong, President of Global Sources Electronics Group, the show organizer, said that the U.S. is still leading in the commercial use of AI for now. However, Shenzhen enterprises are determined to work on incorporating AI features into their products, but it doesn't mean development is going to emerge from inside the box. “It’s the same for Shenzhen enterprises like Huawei with regard to 5G development, AI products by Shenzhen enterprises are going to play a leading role in the world,” said Wong.

AI brings about revolution in smart home industry

“AI Experience Zone” is the new highlight of this spring show. Other highlights are smart home, ADAS and navigation, and voice-activated devices derived from AI.

Smart home has developed into an emerging industry over the past few years. Shenzhen Gangshan Guanglian Electronics Co. Ltd. is a security product company. Monica, the company’s Asian Sales Manager, said that in recent years, smart home has experienced a boom. The company then launched a few smart living products including a Wi-Fi camera. The product can be connected to mobile devices through apps, and support real-time remote monitoring, motion detection and face recognition.

Shenzhen CoolKit Technologies Co. Ltd. is a one-stop IoT solutions provider in China, providing integrated smart hardware solutions to traditional companies. eWeLink is an ecosystem chain by Shenzhen CoolKit. eWeLink’s app is also the first smart home app which supports connections across smart home devices of different brands. Ye, the company’s marketing and operation head, said that clients of eWeLink are mostly SMEs who are in the process of integrating intelligence upgrades for their products. WeLink assists them in the integration of chips to their conventional home products to make them smarter through cloud access. “For example, after connecting with Tmall Genie (a smart speaker developed by Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group) via cloud, consumers can give verbal orders to Tmall Genie for controlling smart living products that are linked to eWeLink app,” added Ye.

Steven Zhou, Secretary General of China Smart Home Industry Alliance, shared his view at the smart home summit which is hosted at the show. He said that with more scenarios of connected smart homes and growing consumer desire, the bigger the market will boom.


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