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Path:  Corporate Home >> Media Coverage >> Apr 28, 2018
Customization is a new fashion trend, said Livia Yip

2018 spring Global Sources Fashion show opened on April 27 with more than 1,000 exhibitors participating. According to Livia Yip, President of Global Sources Fashion Group, the key spotlights of the show are a large number of exhibitors providing customized products and services as well as the Young and Rising Designers Corners. Customization is gaining popularity and will likely become a new trend in the fashion industry. 

Global Sources Fashion show successfully attracted many top international buyers to attend. According to the organizer, the buyer attendance on the first day of the show was 30 percent higher than the same period of last fall show. Buyers’ enthusiasm for sourcing in China is still growing. 

"Personality" is a unique synonym. As people are attempting to demonstrate their uniqueness, they are inclined to customized fashion. Yip stated that more than 600 exhibitors were able to provide small orders for customized products. The show also actively supported these products through different channels.  

This show encouraged customization in two aspects – the first was to encourage exhibitors to accept small orders and promote their self-designed products. The second was the opening up of sample ordering channels. According to Yip, the rising popularity of customization and the soaring labor and production costs in China, are forcing more and more suppliers to shift from OEMs to OBMs. They are no longer simply doing the manufacturing orders, but to encourage customers to place orders of the designs they offer production capabilities. Meanwhile, technological development has gradually integrated into the fashion industry, from raw material innovation to the use of AI to produce tailored-made products. You can see the wonderful chemistry between technology and fashion. Creative product design and the integration of the technological elements not only add value to existing products, but also drive suppliers to move upward in the industry chain.

In order to develop a more energetic fashion ecosystem and to arouse more creative and inspiration, Young Designers Corner and Rising Designers Corner invited design talents and start-ups in Hong Kong and other countries and regions to showcase different fashion designs. The Upcycling Design Competition was a wonderful example, which encourages young designers to turn ordinary shoes into personalized designs by painting or processing.


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