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Global Sources provides additional support for
international trade during epidemic

Hong Kong, February 26, 2020 In response to the impact of the novel coronavirus Covid-19 on export trade in mainland China, Global Sources has introduced new measures to help businesses and their employees mitigate their economic difficulties, encourage Mainland China-based suppliers to communicate with overseas customers, and aid in fighting the epidemic. Recipient suppliers can each receive RMB20,000 to 40,000 worth of points to spend on listings, logos, search bar ads and product video placements to help with their overseas marketing. The value of all these measures amount to up to approximately RMB266 million in total.

Global Sources CEO Hu Wei said, "Global Sources firmly supports the development of new foreign trade formats and is actively responding to the epidemic situation. Global Sources is innovating and optimizing its sourcing platform, helping businesses to use its online resources to connect with overseas buyers and overcome difficulties."

Global Sources launched the Fight the Epidemic Care Plan in February with a basic up to approximately RMB166 million worth of dedicated credits for online platform services, while an additional up to approximately RMB100 million worth of special credits is being provided to help export enterprises.

Suppliers can reach millions of buyers around the world through the platform's product images, videos, and advertisements. The "Verified Supplier" status and third-party audit reports establish confidence for buyers. In addition, Global Sources’ O2O solution helps suppliers enhance their competitiveness and consolidate a corporate brand image, through its trade management system, connected apps, supplier training courses, exclusive advertising design services, supplier directory and Analyst’s Choice recommendations.

During this difficult recent period, buyers have continued to contact mainland China suppliers online, and the number of inquiries on Global Sources Online rose sharply in January 2020. The Global Sources website has launched a special section that displays a list of export and manufacturing companies nationwide and their status.

Via the Global Sources O2O (online to offline) platform, buyers can obtain new product information from verified suppliers and, at the same time, directly place sample orders. The platform’s mobile app allows buyers to make purchases anytime, anywhere. Global Sources also invited industry experts to conduct a live webcast on "How Foreign Traders Can Cope with the Epidemic", teaching supply chain management and online promotion skills to more than 10,000 enterprise managers.

Global Sources Online is a professional B2B trade platform with in-depth industry specialization. With more than 1.5 million users, it has become the preferred sourcing platform for high-end buyers worldwide. An internationally-oriented media company and exhibition organizer based in Hong Kong for 49 years, Global Sources organizes world-class sourcing events, including the world's largest electronics sourcing show, serving tens of millions of buyers and suppliers, and is committed to promoting global trade.

About Global Sources
Global Sources is a business-to-business provider and prime trade facilitator with China. The company manages eight annual export procurement events in Hong Kong every April and October, specifically the world's largest electronics and mobile electronics trade fairs. Global Sources is the largest shareholder of Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM) and related events, which is the most famous machinery exhibition in South China. Its main business is facilitating trade between Asia and the world through English-language media such as trade shows (GlobalSources.com/exhibitions), online marketplaces (GlobalSources.com), magazines, and applications.

More than 1.5 million international buyers, including 94 of the top 100 retailers in the world, use these services to obtain product and company information so that they can benefit more when procuring from overseas markets. These services also provide integrated marketing solutions for suppliers to build a corporate image, generate sales excellence, and win buyer orders from 240 countries and regions. For the past 48 years, Global Sources has served the B2B industry with a reliable and professional trading platform and has been trusted by companies that are members of buyers and suppliers’ communities.

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Lierence Li
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Email: lierenceli@globalsources.com

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